Submission Guidelines: Singapore Idependent Film Festival accepts online screeners for submission purposes. Entries should be submitted by secure password-protected internet link to the work on: or The link must not be visible to the public.

Works in progress will not be considered for competition or screened at the film festival. All entries must be properly uploaded and received by the film festival in DCP format two months on or before the festival event for consideration. An electronic press kit must be submitted.

The filmmaker(s) must secure all rights, licenses, clearances, and releases necessary for exhibition. Work may originate in any film, video, or digital medium. All footage must be original. The music must be original or licensed. You must certify receipt of any and/or all releases and/or permissions.

All works made in a language other than English must be dubbed or subtitled in English. Please do not send any paper press kits, other print materials, DCP’s, Blu-rays, or DVD’s unless they are requested by the festival. All entry materials become the property of the World International Film Festival and will not be returned.

There are no refunds of entry fees. After you submit your work for review online, the link must not expire until after you are notified of the jury panel's selections. Press kits, screenplays must be submitted in English.

Films with the status "Selected" should pass through the MDA classification and the minimum Fees ($75) should be paid by the Submitter. 
If the Submitter do not have MDA classification for your work, the Festival would be able to arrange this work. 
Permission for certification is granted by the MDA in Singapore. 
The official Singapore government fee for permission is US \$1.5 per minute, a minimum of \$75. 
For films that have a duration of less than 50 minutes the minimum amount payable is \$75.

Entrant agrees to grant Film Festival permission for accepted films and related marketing materials to be reproduced and distributed - in whole or in part - SOLELY for purposes of jurying, education, and promotion of the festival.Entrant will bear the any administrative charges of local media/censorship authority.

Entrant hereby represents and warrants that as of the submission of this Entry Form and at all times thereafter: Entrant has all requisite power, authority, and approvals to sign this Entry Form and grant the rights granted in this Entry Form; Entrant has all right, title, and interest in and to the Work for the purposes outlined in this Entry Form, and has cleared all copyrighted material (e.g., music and stock footage) included in the Work; Neither the Work nor any of its elements infringes upon the copyrights or trademarks of any person or entity; and The exhibition and public performance of the Work will not violate the rights to privacy of any person, constitute defamation against any person, or in any other way violate the rights of any person or entity.

You can only enter your film into one category.

The Festival reserves the right to place films into alternative categories if it feels it is to the benefit of the filmmaker. This will be discussed with those relevant before any decision is made.

Your film must not be available in full online or have been shown on another medium e.g. TV. If your film is opened for public on YouTube, etc. then it will be automatically withdrawn from the competition. Excerpts of your film, totaling no more than ten percent of its running time are exempted from this rule. A documentary is also exempt in that it can have screened on another medium, but again not online.

All information included on this submission application will be utilized in the program guide and the website

Will the festival, its organizers, employees, officers, directors sponsors, or participating organizations be liable to the entrant or any other party for: (1) damage to or loss of the work or any other materials submitted to the festival; or (2) any incidental, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary, or punitive damages of any kind (including, but not limited to, lost revenues or profits) arising from or relating to the work, including, but not limited to, exhibition delays, regardless of whether the festival was advised, had other reason to know, or in fact knew of the possibility thereof. The festivals aggregate liability for direct damages under this agreement will not exceed the entry fee.

I understand/agree that acceptance of my film does not guarantee airline or hotel accommodations for talent or production crew and no costs or expenses shall be tendered by the Festival unless the Festival in its sole discretion elects to tender the expenses.